Color Balls

Color Balls: A New Way to Enjoy Color Powder

Just when you thought color powder couldn’t be any more fun –now it is! With our new color balls, you get a whole new experience from color powder.

Color balls

Spread the Love with Color Balls

Our color balls take color fun to a different level. They’re light, refillable, and offer a unique way to engage in any version of your favorite color fight. We pack them full of powder, you toss them, kick them, and they will spread the love – literally!

Perfect for Different Occasions

They’re great for Holi Festival, races, club parties, kid parties, and any other color celebration you can think of.

At Holi, throwing of colors means sending love and affection to your target. What better way to spread the love than with our 100% safe and gentle color balls? Better yet, they improve your precision and aim. Toss and enjoy color powder like you never have before.

Get Color Powder from Chameleon Colors

In addition to color balls, we also supply and deliver the color powder itself. As one of our best sellers, our powder is proven to be non-toxic, non-hazardous and 100% safe. Our products are processed from natural cornstarch and flour with color dyes that are food- and cosmetic grade-tested to the highest FDA standards. Browse through our store to take a look at our selection of color balls.

At Chameleon Colors, we specialize in the creation and supply of top-grade colors. Let our high-quality products liven up your celebration; buy Holi powder from us for your next color festival experience.

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