Holi Festival Powder

Celebrating Culture through Colors: The Holi Festival of Colors

SKURGE201CC70G[1]Color runs deep in the heart of India. Every street and every corner has a tale to tell, but it is the rich tradition and festivities that hold the country together. One of their most symbolic celebrations is named the Holi Festival of Colors.

We know Holi to be a celebration of happiness and togetherness with our loved ones, complete with good music, dancing, and tossing of organic colors. In essence, it is celebrating the triumph of good over evil and the arrival of spring. What better way to represent fertility and greatness of life than with a lush explosion of magnificent colors?

Come Holi, family, friends, and relatives gather and carry brightly colored powder and liquid colors to throw and smear on each other’s clothes and faces. Hazes of colors dance in the wind, sending the message of love and joy across roads and neighborhoods.

Celebrate with Holi Color Powder from Chameleon Colors

ProductBox_bulk_pink[1]For years now, Chameleon Colors has produced and delivered non-toxic, non-hazardous and 100%-safe Holi color powder. Our products are made from natural cornstarch with color dyes that are food-and cosmetic grade-tested to the highest FDA standards.

The Holi Festival is celebrated with great passion and revelry. It is a time when people can paint the skies and the surroundings in brilliant colors of vitality and happiness.

Color Chameleons is a believer in the power of colors. Let us be a part of your celebration and buy Holi powder from us for your next color festival experience.

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