Colored Chalk Powder

Where there is happiness, there is color. Where there is color, there is Chameleon Colors.

bulk colored powderExperience color mania with our colored chalk powder. Our products are made from non-toxic, 100% safe food-grade quality cornstarch, using advanced processing custom-made to produce bright colors that wash off easily.

Run and Play with Colors

Chameleon Colors is a firm believer of color power. No fun event will be complete without someone getting covered in a layer of colored dust – because that’s what color does. It brings out the fun, carefree spirit in everyone.

Sprinkle a dash of happiness and a plethora of color into your events. Races, festivals, fundraisers, reunions, tailgate parties, back to school events, graduation parties – we are ready to serve joy and color anywhere you need us. Play with colors, run with colors, think with colors!

We are the Artists and You Are the Beautiful Canvas

Happy faces painted in mesmerizing hues of yellows, blues, magentas, and many more create an unforgettable masterpiece. With vividly vibrant colored chalk, you’re not just making a beautiful mess – you are the beautiful mess.

Whatever the occasionColor bags., whether it’s a festival, a race, a party – with Chameleon colors, something crazy and wonderful happens.

Color You Happy

Across all cultures and languages, color is a universal symbol for vitality, vibrancy, and creativity. Colored chalk powder gives everyone a taste of all three.

Let Chameleon Colors bring chromatic happiness into your life’s greatest moments. With our safe, high-quality products, your wildest, most colorful dreams will materialize today.

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