Spicing Up a Date With Colored Powder Products
January 1, 2017
Learning About the Holi Festival of Colors
March 1, 2017
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Need a creative idea for a kid’s birthday party, or another big children’s event? Look no further than Chameleon Colors and our color powder solutions. Our products are best known for their use as Holi festival powder, but they’re perfect for a number of other festive occasions as well.

Planning an event using our color balls and other products is a breeze. Here are a few basic tips for planning and executing the year’s best birthday party, plus for cleaning it up quickly and without hassle.


You need an invitation that will preview how colorful this event will be, and our colored chalk powder can help you out here. You’ll probably need some bright crayons for any writing, but colored chalk is a great way to accentuate the design or give a sneak peak of what’s to come.


There are a few big elements that go into the planning process. For one, you need your location, and most parents will go buy a big stock of white T-shirts for all the party attendees. It’s also vital that you make sure there’s enough protective eyewear for everyone attending – our products are completely safe, but it’s still never advisable to get powder in the eyes.

From here, it’s all about accessorizing. Some groups of kids may do well with water squirters or water guns, and maybe you use a few other objects to create a “battle field” of sorts. Whatever can add a little more fun to the party is a great choice.

Make Rules

Especially for younger children, it’s important to set some ground rules to keep everyone safe and having fun. You need a designated area for the color fight – you can use colored chalk products to help here. Make sure kids aren’t hoarding color, and make a rule against purposely throwing powder in anyone’s face. You can make rules about no physical contact, or whatever else you think is necessary for your group.


Because of the ease of cleaning our products, mop-up is simple. You’ll need running water for any ground areas, but color on grass or pavement will wash away with a basic hose in most cases. Our products wash out of skin and hair easily, and should come out of nearly all clothes with a quick wash when you get home.

If you want to keep your clothes colored to remember the day, spritz them lightly with some water and then let them dry, especially in hear. You’ll need to keep these close washed separately for a few cycles just to confirm that they won’t bleed colors into your regular wash.

Want to learn more about our color powder products and how you can enjoy them? Speak to the experts at Chameleon Colors today.

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