UV Powder

Our UV powder is a cornstarch base and is designed glow when exposed to UV light.

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Experience color frenzy like never before with UV powder products. Chameleon Colors proudly offers non-toxic, cornstarch-based glow-in-the-dark powder that has undergone advanced processing designed to produce magnificent glow under black-light.

Perfect for Black Light or Dark Parties

Our products are perfect for neon raves and UV Holi parties.

Chameleon Colors is a firm believer in the power of colors. No dark party will be complete without an explosion of rich, indulgent colors that present a beautiful contrast against the dark ambience.

The UV powder comes in a range of colors, which are all reactive when exposed to black-light. These luminescent colors will radiate and make your UV Holi Party the best one around.

Why Choose Chameleon Colors?

We produce and supply premium UV products, both liquid and powder. The biodegradable powder comes with a lightweight feel and texture for an intensified glow under UV light. It is very easy to wash off and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The products are more than just glowing dust. They are vividly vibrant and offer a unique UV glow to your parties and events.

Let Chameleon Colors bring UV happiness into your life’s craziest moments. With our safe, high-quality products, your wildest, most colorful imaginings will come to life with our glow powder!

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If you have questions, or if you need assistance in planning your event, feel free to give us a call. For bulk orders, contact us to get a quote.

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