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December 1, 2016
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February 1, 2017
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After months of trepidation and anxiety, you’ve finally gotten up the courage to ask your crush on a date – and they said yes! Congratulations, you’ve accomplished the toughest part of this entire process.

Just a notch below in terms of difficulty, however, is finding a creative date idea. You don’t want to make a boring first impression with the same old “dinner and a movie” suggestion everyone always goes with – no, you want to distinguish yourself so that crush never forgets this first date.

At Chameleon Colors, we’re here to help. Our colored chalk and powder products are the perfect outside-the-box date activity, both for individuals and groups. Let’s look at how you can utilize our color powder products for the perfect date.

Body Paint

Our powder paint products come in an incredible variety of colors, and they’re completely safe for application anywhere on the body. Maybe you and your date paint matching “tattoos,” or maybe you get adventurous and allow the other person to draw a prominent design for you that you won’t see until after it’s on your body. Nothing helps commemorate a great first date like matching body paint and some fantastic photos to reminisce on down the line.

Chalk and Design

For the creative mind, there are dozens of activities possible with our color balls and chalk products. Create a fun Instagram post to show off your new budding relationship, or maybe tag up a mutual friend’s driveway for them to see when they get home. Our products offer a chance for you and your date to get creative and have some unique fun.

Group Activities

Colored chalk and powder are absolutely perfect for group date activities, as well. Have a boys versus girls war using our color balls, and spice things up even more by spraying our pressurized color blaster around. It’s a great way to both socialize and get a little closer with your date.

Holi Festival

It’s still a few months away for now, but the Holi Festival of Colors itself is our biggest yearly event – and a perfect date. Come join thousands of others in this spring celebration of color and light, and make a great impression on your crush while you’re doing it.

Ready to secure some of our products for your next big date? Speak with one of our customer service professionals today.

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