UV Liquid

Take Liquid Color to the Next Level with UV Liquid

Chameleon Colors doesn’t play games when it comes to colors…or maybe we do. With our UV liquid products, and a black-light source, you will create a singular glowing experience.

UV LiquidExperience a Different Kind of Glow

We proudly offer our UV liquid products for super low prices, so you can create your very own magical experience, ultraviolet-style. Just add a few drops of tap water to our UV liquid solution, place it under an ultraviolet black-light, and witness luminosity on a different level.

Create Beauty Beyond Light

Let your guests experience a different kind of glow by creating a futuristic UV display. Whether it’s a bar, a rave, or a party, an ultraviolet theme never goes out of style. Allow yourself to indulge in the beauty and magnificence of UV glow. Be the bodies beyond light, glamour beyond vision, and garb beyond measure.

Apply It Anywhere!

Our UV light products are very versatile. Other than for decorative purposes, you can also add them to liquid cooled computer systems, water features, and other UV applications.

Why Choose Chameleon Colors?

Create breathtaking UV display with products from Chameleon Colors. For years now, we have produced and supplied non-toxic and 100% safe color products. An 8-ounce bottle of our UV liquid is all you need to form a gallon of the finished product.

Let your dream world come to life with our bold, engaging products. They can be yours for incredibly low prices, so don’t miss out on this incredible offer and contact us today for inquiries. Browse through our store to view our selection of UV Liquid products.

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