How to Make a DIY Color Powder Firework

Create colorful, kid-friendly color powder “fireworks” that’ll be a blast! 

One of the best parts of the Fourth of July (besides the delicious BBQ, of course) is the fireworks! It’s so fun to see color blast through the night sky in a united celebration of our country. However, there are many people this year that will have limited access to firework shows across the country due to COVID-19 restrictions, so we want to help you to create kid-friendly color powder fireworks. They’re safe, easy, and don’t require any flammables! They’re perfect for kids of any age to enjoy the holiday.


Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • 1 Plastic Empty 16 oz. Water Bottle
  • 1 Paperclip
  • 1 Balloons
  • 1 package of Chameleon Colors 70g Color powder
  • Scissors


  1. Cut off an inch off of the bottom of a plastic water bottle.
  2. Unscrew the cap of the water bottle.
  3. Blow up the balloon
  4. Place the paperclip over the mouth of the balloon about ½ inch past the opening so it blocks the air from escaping the balloon.
  5. Fit the balloon mouth over the mouth of the water bottle without removing the paperclip.
  6. Fill the water bottle with color powder (one 70g packet works well)
  7. Aim and slide the paperclip off. The air from the balloon will launch the color powder in the air.   

You can reuse the same “color launcher” multiple times! Just follow these instructions: 

  1. Empty the leftover color powder into a separate container. Shake out the balloon into that container as well.
  2. Wipe off the mouth of the balloon to refill it with air, or get a new balloon. Repeat steps 3-7 using your leftover color or new color packets. Mix colors for a multicolor cloud.

We hope you have a fun (and safe!) Fourth of July celebration from all of us here at Chameleon Colors!

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