How to Organize a Neighborhood Fourth of July Parade in 2020

A social distancing-approved Fourth of July Celebration

Red, white, and blue fireworks, BBQs, and country anthems blaring through the air: it must be the Fourth July! While your celebrations may look a little different this year, you can still have a colorful Fourth of July. And what’s a better way to celebrate than a social distancing-approved neighborhood Fourth of July parade? We have all the details on how to throw a memorable, patriotic celebration that your entire neighborhood can enjoy. 

  • Virtual Sign-Ups
  • First things first, you’ll need participants for your Fourth of July parade! The best way to gather participants during the coronavirus pandemic is to do a virtual sign-up. Email the virtual sign-up link to all your neighbors. Make sure to collect information that you’ll need for the organization in the sign up. You’ll want to know best contact information; what car, float, bike, animal, scooter, etc. they plan on riding (or walking with) for the parade; and how many people will be participating with each group. This is easy (and free) to do with a Google Form!

  • Organize the Route and Parade Order
  • Once you have your participants, you’ll need to organize them in a safe and orderly way. For example, you may consider putting young children in the front of the parade so no one gets left behind, and any animals in the back of the parade to avoid messes. Choose a route that is easy to follow, mark, and a lot of people can see without being in a crowd. 

  • Send a Reminder and Instructions to Participants
  • One week before the parade, send a reminder to all your participants to remind them of the date, time, and parade order. Communicating the parade order beforehand will be important to keeping social distancing guidelines the day of the parade. 

    You can also tell your participants to use patriotic decorations, props, and costumes for some festive fun! Streamers, balloons, and signs on bikesfor exampleis a great way to allow kids to get involved decorating for the parade. You can also designate someone to be the “Grand Marshall” of your parade, or even someone to wear a crown and sash for “Miss Neighborhood” from their car! Get creative and have fun!

  • Music and Decorations
  • No parade is complete without music! Social distancing makes having a marching band hard (and you probably don’t have a tuba player and a drumline in your neighborhood), so you’ll just need a patriotic playlist to blast from your car. If you need it louder, you can play the music through loudspeakers. Don’t forget to start with the National Anthem! 

    On the morning of, or the night before, the parade, you’ll need to clearly mark the parade route so that everything runs smoothly. You don’t want bystanders to get in the way, and they’ll need time to set up so they can social distance themselves from other people. Plus, you may want to add decorations to make your parade even more festive. Check out our Pinterest for specific Fourth of July Ideas!

  • Throw Color! 
  • We love color here at Chameleon Colors. If there’s a way to make your parade extra special, it’s this. Our color powder will take your parade to the next level and help get everyone involved in the fun. Instead of throwing candy, try throwing red, white, and blue color powder at your participants. (Though you may want to warn them ahead of time to prepare for a colorful parade!) Use our squirt bottles ($7.99 - Amazon) and red, white, and blue color powder to see why they call it America the Beautiful. 

    We here at Chameleon Colors hope you have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July Celebration. Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! 

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