Chameleon Manufacturing

Piston Filler - Liquid Filling - sizes ranging from 1 oz to 55 oz plastic or glass bottles with heat sealed shrink bands. Lot codes are printed on the bottles and they are inspected and packaged into cases. 3,000-6,000 bottles daily output. 
Ribbon Blender - Blending - Batch sizes ranging from 150-400 lbs or 1000-1750 lbs (minimum order of 2,000 lbs total), Machine is equipped with choppers and can handle products with oily components.  Blender is set up to handle food ingredients with color, spice blends, meals, powders and bakery mixes. Blends are typically stored in 1000-2000 pound super sacks. Daily output: 30,000 pounds.  
Kettle - Liquid Mixing - Cold or heated products using our 35 gallon steam jacketed kettle. Daily output (simple components with < 1hr heating process.):  270 gallons.
Vertical Form Fill Sealers - Packaging - Dry powders: Pouches approximately 50-200 grams (pillow bags 4"-7.25" width), 1 pound bags, 2 pound bags, and 5 pound bags (up to 15"X20" pillow bags) using vertical form fill sealer. Daily Output: 6,000 units for small bags ranging to 1,000 units for large
Sachet Filler - Packaging -  Liquids: into sachets 5 ml - 120 ml.  2" wide by 2.75" tall up to 4" wide by 6" tall. Daily output: 9,000 units Packaging - By hand from bulk containers into small bags capable of heat sealing using impulse sealers. Additionally bulk filling from super sacks into 25-50 pound bags/boxes by hand.</div> Fulfillment - We can ship directly to Amazon on your behalf, our staff is trained in the proper procedures for affixing UPC and box labels, as well as handling dangerous goods in limited quantities.
Formulation Services - On site Food Scientist can develop a product to your specifications when there's just not enough time for R&D.  Our scientist already has experience flavoring ice cream, drink mixes, bakery items, specialty products (keto-friendly, low calorie, sugar free, organic etc.), Timeline given at time of research proposal agreement. $95/hour
Marketing Consultations - We know how to get items up and running on Amazon since we've had to navigate that process ourselves. $95/hour We're registered with the FDA for food products, but are flexible to clients' needs.