Recess At Home Kit

Welcome to Chameleon Color’s Home Recess Kit! Scroll down to find the instructions for the activities found in the Chameleon’s Home Recess Kit. If you don’t have the kit yet, make sure to get yours here

Due to the precautions many school districts are taking with COVID-19, we want to be as helpful as we can to families who are now participating in home-schooling. This kit is perfect for parents and guardians wondering, “What are some recess activities for home-school?” This kit contains the supplies you need and four weeks of recess plans that you can do around the yard and in your house. We want to help keep your family healthy and happy during this difficult time.

The Chameleon Colors Team

Did you hear that? Saved by the Bell! Kids (and parents) love recess, and if kids are learning and studying all day in the home, everyone needs a break! 


Parents have a lot of responsibilities, and it can be hard to plan active and fun activities for kids to do each day. That’s why we’ve done that for you. On the back of this paper, you’ll discover an entire month’s worth of recess plans. We’ve created new activities that will soon become your family’s regular favorites, and we brought back some of the classics (with a few twists of course). We guarantee that these ideas will keep your kids moving and everyone happy. We’ve got your back!


In this kit, you’ll find: 

  • 1 98” Jump Rope
  • 1 Metal Jacks and Ball Set
  • 1 Assorted Colored Jumbo Chalk Set (6 Pack)
  • 2 Rainbow Yo-Yos
  • 2 Neon Bandanas
  • 1 10” Flying Disc
  • 1 Rainbow Playground Ball 
  • 10 Individual Packages of Chameleon Color Color Powder
  • 4 Chameleon Colors Color Balls


It’s time for recess, so let’s go play!

A quick note: Many of the activities found on the calendar require at least two people. We encourage parents to join in on the fun, but some of these activities may need to be adjusted for smaller families and groups. Parents or guardians may also need to adjust some of the activities to fit some children’s physical needs. You can use your own creativity to come up with activities too; don’t feel limited by using only our suggestions! 


Day 1: Chalk Comic Artist 

Materials Needed: Jumbo Chalk Pack

Using the jumbo chalk, draw three to five separate boxes on a sidewalk outside. (Each should be fairly large, 3’x3’ or so) Then draw three random lines, squiggles, or shapes in each box. Be creative and fill in the blanks to create a comic strip! 


Day 2: Jump Rope to the Olympics 

Materials Needed: Jump Rope

Each olympic athlete has an event that they specialize in. Find out yours in the jump rope Olympics! Practice jumping while moving the rope forward, backward, criss-cross, or on one foot! Write down your “personal record” and the family record. 


Day 3: Jacks of All Trades

Materials Needed: Metal Jacks and Ball Set

We’re bringing old school to new school: Jacks! Pour out all the jacks on the ground or a flat, even surface. Bounce the ball and pick up one jack. Bounce it again, and pick up two jacks. Bounce it again, and pick up three jacks. Continue until you have all the jacks in your hand! Try mixing it up by playing it with a partner. Bounce the ball, pick up a jack from the other person’s pile. If you drop one, you have to put all the jacks back. Winner collects all the jacks from the other person’s pile without dropping a jack! 


Day 4: Color War! 

Materials Needed: Color Balls (white t-shirts optional)

There’s nothing that says family unity like dividing and conquering! All joking aside, this is a great outdoor activity. White t-shirts will make for some great pictures, but they’re optional. Divide into teams, and let the color war begin! It’s just like paintball without the painful welts. Try to see who can survive the longest without being hit! 


Day 5: Yo, Check Out My Yo-yo

Material Needed: Yo-yo

Are you a yo-yo beginner? To use, slip the yo-yo knot onto your middle finger, near your knuckle. Hold the yo-yo palm-side up, and then hold the yo-yo in front of your face, your elbow will form a square. Thrust the yo-yo towards the ground while spreading out your fingers, then give it a sharp tug when the yo-yo is fully extended to bring it back to your hand. Voila! Next time, you could even try to learn a new trick to show off! 


Day 6: Capture the Flag
Materials Needed: 2 Bandanas

The classic field game! Create your game’s boundaries with a halfway line. Divide into teams. Hide your flag (bandana), and attack your opponents! Defend your flag by tagging any opponents on your side of the boundary line. This will send them back to their own flag, or you could also set up a “jail” at the midline. If you get tagged, you need to go to “jail” or back to your flag for at least 5 seconds. The goal of the game is to get to your enemy’s flag without being tagged and return it to your own flag! 


Day 7: Frisbee Toss

Materials Needed: 10” Flying Disc

Take the frisbee and a partner and stand five feet away from each other. Toss the frisbee, and with each successful catch, take a step back. See how far you can successfully pass the frisbee back and forth. If you drop the frisbee, start over! 


Day 8: Four Square

Materials Needed: Rainbow Playground Ball, Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

For this playground favorite, you’ll need four players. Draw a large square on the ground, then divide that square into four smaller squares and number them with the chalk one through four. Each player stands in a square; player number one holds the ball. Player number one tosses the ball into someone else’s square, and that player must bounce it into another player’s square. The player receiving the ball needs to hit it into another square before the ball has a chance to bounce twice or bounce out of the bounds of the square. (It’s just like ping-pong or tennis.) If you miss the ball, or wait for it to bounce twice, go to square number four, and each player rotates up one number. The goal of the game is to stand in the “number one” square for as long as possible--it’s King of the four square! 


Day 9: Color Race 

Materials Needed: 5 Individual Chameleon Colors Color Packets

Have you ever wanted to attend a color race before? Now you can do your own in your yard, up the street, or around the block! Set up a race route, don a silly outfit, and start running. After each lap, shower the runners in color powder! 


Day 10: Frisbee Golf

Materials Needed: 10” flying disc, 3-5 objects that stick into the ground (like a stake, pointed stick, or flag)

It’s mini golf with a twist: Frisbee Golf! Set up your course with 3-5 objects that can stick in the grass. Feel free to be creative on these, but if you can’t find anything, you could use household objects like paper plates. Then, it’s just like mini golf, except instead of hitting a ball, you’re tossing a frisbee. Keep track of your score to see how long it takes you to hit the mark! 


Day 11: Snake

Materials Needed: Jump Rope

This is the perfect game for beginner jumpers, even though it’s fun for all ages. One person is the snake, and all other participants are runners. Put the “snake” or jump rope on the ground, and quickly move the rope back and forth so that it looks like a slithering snake. All the runners take turns jumping over the snake. If you land on the snake, it’s your turn to become the snake! 


Day 12: Color Tag

Materials Needed: Chameleon Colors Color Balls

It’s everyone’s favorite game for recess: tag! However, we’ve added an exciting and colorful twist with Color Balls. One person is it, and they have the Color Ball. Everyone else runs away. If you’re hit with a Color Ball, you’re it! Another variation is that everyone gets a Color Ball, and if you get “tagged” you’re out of the game, and you forfeit your Color Ball to the person who got you out. Last one standing is the winner! The last variation is called “Bounty Hunter.” In this variation, if the person who’s it tags you, you’re both it. The last person standing wins! 


Day 13: Ultimate Jacks

Materials Needed: Metal Jacks Set, Ball or Playground Ball

Now that you know how to play jacks and you have some experience, it’s time for a real challenge: Ultimate Jacks! You can use the ball that comes with the jacks set, or the playground ballwhichever works best for you! Then, spread out each jack a few feet apart. Bounce the ball, and run for the jack! Pick up the jack and catch the ball before it hits the ground. See how many you can collect without dropping the ball. 


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Day 14: HopScotch

Materials Needed: Jumbo Chalk, Chameleon Colors Color Ball

Did you know that hundreds of years ago, Roman soldiers honed their strength and agility by playing hopscotch? It’s true, and so can you! Start by creating your hopscotch design on the ground with the jumbo chalk. If you’ve never done it before, the most popular pattern is three squares stacked on top of eachother labeled “1,” “2,” and “3,” with “1” being the closest square to you. On top of number “3,” put two squares side-by-side labeled “4” and “5,” then one single square on top of those labeled “6.” Then you’ll put two, side-by-side squares on top of “6,” and label them “7” and “8.” Then “9” is a single square stacked on top of “7” and “8.” On the top, draw a rectangle with the number “10.” To begin, throw the Color Ball on one of the squares. You’ll skip that square when you start hopping. When you jump on a single square, use only one foot, and on the double spaces, use both feet. Start hopping from one to 10, but remember to skip the square with the Color Ball! Once you get to 10, turn around and go back to square one, but pick up the Color Ball off the ground without putting your foot in the square. With practice, you’ll get faster and faster, just like the Roman soldiers. 


Day 15: Bandana Trust Exercise

Materials Needed: 1 Neon Bandana

See how much you trust your partner! This takes at least two people: one person is blindfolded and the other is the trusty guide. Set up a start and an end point. You can decide beforehand if you would like to set up an obstacle or two, but being blindfolded is already quite the challenge! The person acting as the guide is not allowed to touch the blindfolded person; they can only speak the directions. (Unless of course the blindfolded person is about to stumble. Don’t let anyone fall or get hurt!) Put your trust to the test and see how far you can go! 


Day 16: Holi Color Powder Yoga

Materials Needed: 5 Individual Color Powder Packets, (Optional Yoga Mat if you have one and don’t mind it getting a little messy!)

This activity combines two of the most popular Indian traditions into one colorfully fun activity. During the Spring in India, there’s a Holi Festival, or Festival of Colors. It’s a celebration of new beginnings and optimism. Yoga, also an Indian tradition that dates back almost 5,000 years ago, is used to practice selflessness, action, and wisdom. While there are many different yoga poses for all different levels of skills, we can provide a few poses for any skill level. Plus, doing these with color powder makes it all the more fun! 

Tree pose: Take a small handful of color powder in your hand. Then, stand as straight as a tree! Bring the inside of your right foot up to just above your left knee. Once you have your balance, raise your arms above your head and then let the color powder go like a sprouting tree! Hold for 10 seconds.Repeat on the other side. 

Swan Dive: Take a small handful of color powder in your hand, then lift your hands straight above your head, standing tall. Then, release the color powder as you start to bend at the hips. Your back should be straight so that you form a square with a ground, keep bending until you touch the ground (or as far as you can go, we’re not judging!)

Boat Pose: Sit on the ground (or a yoga pad) so that you’re sitting mostly on the area of your tailbone. Take a small handful of color powder in the palm of your hand. Lift both legs one to two feet into the air. Then, reach your hands towards your toes and release the color powder while keeping a straight back. Hold for five seconds, and then release. Repeat five times. 

Extended Cat Pose: Pour a small pile of color powder on the ground, and then get on all fours. If you don’t have a mat, you’ll probably want to do this one in the grass. Grab a small portion of the color powder, and throw it out in front of you using one hand. At the same time, extend the opposite leg behind you so that one arm and the opposite leg is extending out from your body and you are balancing on the opposite leg and arm. Hold for five seconds, and bring it back to all fours. Repeat on each side until all the color powder is gone! 

If you don’t enjoy yoga, here is a link to throwing a Holi Color Festival in your backyard. 


Day 17: Kickball

Materials Needed: Playground Ball, (optional 4 paper plates)

Take me out to the ball game...the kickball game of course! A crowd favorite, kickball is bound to be a homerun in your home. Set up four paper plates (or whatever household items you can find) as your bases. Divide into teams, and let’s play ball! The pitcher rolls the ball towards the kicker, and the kicker kicks the ball and then runs towards first base. To get the kicker out, the other team must either catch the ball without letting it touch the ground, or use the ball to tag the person running. If the kicker gets to the first base without anyone catching the ball or tagging them out, they’re safe! Or, they can keep trying their luck for 2nd, 3rd, or even a full homerun! After everyone has had a chance to kick twice, switch sides! Keep score of how many times you run all the way to the home plate! 


Day 18: Walk the Plank 

Materials Needed: Jumbo Chalk, Jump-Rope

This is like the classic game of Hangman, but with a twist. Using the jumbo chalk, Draw a boat on the water, with a plank hanging over the side of the boat. (It doesn’t have to be fancy!) Then think of a word, and make a dash for each letter of the word. Then, the other person will try and guess individual letters in the word. For every incorrect guess, draw one line getting closer to the edge of the plank. If you don’t guess the word in 5-8 guesses, you’ll have to walk the plank! The only way to save yourself is by jumping 10 times in a row with the jump rope! If you jump 10 times, you are back in the game and can continue guessing. 


Day 19: Obstacle Course

Materials Needed: Materials from your five favorite activities this month

The ultimate obstacle course! Say your five favorite activities were Jump-Rope to the Olympics, Color War!, Frisbee Golf, Ultimate Jacks, and HopScotch. Set up your course with these five activities. Create a timer, and go! See how long it takes you to get through all five challenges. 


Day 20: Scavenger Hunt! 

Materials Needed: 6-8 items from the Recess Kit

The final challenge! It’s time to become your very own adventure explorer! Choose 6-8 items from the Recess kit and hide them around the yard or the house. (Or both!) You could write hints to where the next item could possibly be hidden, or have a “blind” scavenger hunt with no hints for a more advanced scavenger hunt. Either way, it’ll be an adventure everyone will love!