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Medical Supply Kit

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Medical Supply Kit for Virus Defense with KN95 Grade Respirators, Premium Nitrile Exam Gloves, and Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses

  • 4 Ear Loop Face Masks GREAT FOR VIRAL AND BACTERIAL DEFENSE. Disposable KN95 respirators. 

  • 10 PAIRS NITRILE EXAM GLOVES. These single-use gloves may help protect your hands from harmful viruses that can cause sickness and other infections. 

  • 2 SCRATCH-RESISTANT SAFETY GLASSES. Add an extra layer of eye defense against coughs, sneezes, other secretions. Scratch-resistant lenses. 

  • SAFETY YOU CAN TRUST. Face Masks, gloves, and safety glasses for a shield against some infectious disease. High quality materials to help you feel prepared. 

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Valid for 30 days, in case you are not 100% satisfied.

An Antiviral defense you can trust! Ear loop face masks, nitrile examination gloves, and safety glasses may help shield your body from some harmful invaders. This kit comes with four face masks that are disposable and ready to safeguard your mouth from viruses and bacteria, 20 Nitrile examination gloves to defend your hand from potentially hazardous surfaces, and two scratch-resistant safety glasses to shield your eyes from human secretions.