5 Unique and Colorful Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Ideas

It seems like every time you go to a bachelor or bachelorette party these days, they play the same-old blah games. Is it really asking too much to have creative, entertaining, and colorful games at a bachelor or bachelorette party? We, too, are tired of the game monotony and bachelor party boredom. So, we compiled a list of five ways to liven up traditional bachelor and bachelorette party games.

1. All is Fair in Love and Color War 

Combined bachelor and bachelorette parties are the latest trend worldwide; it allows the entire wedding party to unwind and destress from problems and wedding drama. Hosting combined parties can also create a competitive atmosphere in which bridesmaids and groomsmen can compete against each other. Just make sure to follow local social-distancing restrictions. Pro-tip: if the weather is nice, go outside! This is a great way to reduce the spread of COVID-19, allow for more space between guests, and still have a great time.

For any combined bachelor or bachelorette party game to be successful, you’ll need the following colorful supplies: 

  •  Team Bride Kit
  •  Team Groom Kit

  • After you've selected which supplies you want at your party, be sure to inform everyone to wear white – it is a wedding, after all. Bonus points to those who wear white and a white mask. The next step is planning which games you would like to play. Outdoor games have become a growing fad, and all of the supplies listed can easily be applied to any field game.

    If you need some ideas, you could play “freeze tag” as a wedding party, “capture the flag” with garters, or a “color ball toss” between bride and groom. Make sure to have plenty of hand-sanitizer present. 

    For freeze tag, the traditional rules are the same, except the person who is “it” receives some color balls. They can then decide to either tap someone with a color ball or throw it at them, hoping the color ball hits its mark. This game is perfect for social distancing because it easily allows for 6 feet of distance between the person who is “it” and everyone else. 

    To play capture the garter, split everyone into two teams. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate when everyone is wearing a mask, so we suggest using team bride and team groom stickers. Capture the garter follows the traditional capture the flag rules that you can find here, but replaces the flag with a wedding garter. 

    Color ball toss uses a chalk-filled color ball, instead of the usual egg. Team members line up in parallel lines – 6 feet apart, with each player facing their teammate. They then begin tossing a color ball gently towards the other. With each successful catch, both teammates take a step backwards. The pair who ends with the greatest distance between them and still catches the ball wins the game!

    The best part about playing these social-distancing friendly field-games is you can customize the games with your wedding colors! We have a wide selection of colors to choose from. 

    2. Dodge the Color Balls

    Take your bachelor or bachelorette party to the next level by introducing a colorful dodgeball variation to the guests. It’s even perfect for social-distancing guidelines. Here’s how it works:

    Order the Team Groom / Team Bride kit (we suggest 10 days before your party). If you’re hosting a combined bachelor and bachelorette party, we recommend ordering both kits. 

    On the day of the bachelor or bachelorette party, split everyone into two teams; again, you can use team bride and team groom stickers to help. Line the color balls down the middle of the designated playing area and place each team on opposite sides of the line. Count to three, and tell everyone to race towards the color balls. As the game progresses, each successful hit will be rewarded with a satisfying chalk splatter on your opponent’s clothes (this way, no one can cheat!). 

    If someone gets hit with a color ball, they are out and should leave the field of play. Keep throwing until everyone is out; the team with the most players in the end wins.

    3. Last Blast 

    This game is designed to test the bride or grooms knowledge about their significant other. It also requires some planning prior to the bachelor or bachelorette party. 

    If you’re planning the ultimate bachelorette party,  we suggest ordering pink color blasters (because everyone should wear pink at bachelorette parties, right?) about 10 days before the party. Then, create a list of “Would You Rather?” questions to ask the groom (note: you can easily find some on our Pinterest board for bachelor/bachelorette parties here). These questions could include things like: Would you rather eat chocolate or vanilla? Drink Coke or Pepsi? Cook or do the dishes? Or travel locally or abroad?

    On the day of the party – with the questions and corresponding answers in hand – sit everyone down in a circle (outside will minimize COVID-19 risks) with the bride in the center. Hand each party guest a color blaster and instruct them to spray the bride if she answers incorrectly. The color blasters will create a chalky cloud that’ll instantly coat whatever the bride is wearing. Don’t worry, the color powder is eco-friendly and will come out in the wash! 

    This game might end with the bride completely covered in pink chalk; it all depends on how well she knows her significant other! Repeat the same process if you’re planning  a bachelor party, but question the bride instead and see how well the groom knows the answers. 

    Let the interrogation begin!


    4. Guess Who? 

    Anyone who has ever been to a bachelor or bachelorette party has played some variation of the “Guess Who?” game. (You know, the one that includes questions like, “Who said ‘I love you’ first”, “Who is the most outgoing”, “Who sleeps in later?”)

    Our version of “Guess Who?” adds a colorful twist to the classic game. Order some color balls for ammo and create a giant list of “Guess Who?” questions; we have compiled a mass list of ideas here. Print a picture of the bride, and one of the groom, and mount them on a wall, tree, or fence outside – six feet apart, of course.

    When the time for the game arrives, give each guest a pink and blue color ball, and have them stand in a single-file line; please keep social distancing in mind. Read a question to the first contestant and instruct them to throw a blue ball at the groom’s picture or a pink ball at the bride’s picture – depending on which person they think better fits the answer to the question. Repeat the process with all the guests until you run out of questions. The pictures will likely be coated in chalk dust, and everyone will have learned a little more about both the bride and groom. 

    Note: A fun twist to this idea could involve having the bride and groom physically stand in front of the guests (instead of just a picture). 


    5. Lawn Color Pong 

    Nearly everyone has heard of, or played, beer-pong. This game is a beloved tradition at college parties, date nights, and of course, bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

    Lawn color pong is like traditional beer-pong, but with several modifications to make it more entertaining and colorful. Instead of placing 10 plastic cups in a pyramid formation on an indoor table, go outside and use buckets, bowls, or baskets! You can even do all three! Regardless of what containers you use, set up two sets of pyramids about 10 feet apart. Both teams (each consisting of two players) then take turns tossing a Color Ball into the pyramid closest to the opposite team. 

    If successful, the container is removed and the opposing team (the one with the pyramid of cups is closest to) receives a penalty of your choice; it could include a shot (like in the traditional game), a color ball to the face, or an alternation of team players. The game continues, with each team taking turns until all the cups in one pyramid have been eliminated and one team is declared the winner. 

    If you liked these colorful ideas for a social-distancing-friendly bachelor or bachelorette party, check out our Pinterest boards! We have great ideas saved for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, gender reveals, and photo shoots!