Church Events

Colorful Church Events

Who says church events can’t be lively and fun? At Chameleon Colors, we believe that solemnity, energy, and excitement can come together to create a fusion of entertainment and engagement. If an event calls for a great combination of music, dance, and games, adding colors is always a great idea. Our impressive line of color products will make your weekly, monthly, or annual gatherings a more significant part of your church’s activities.

An Epic Color Experience

Are you hosting regular church gatherings? Perhaps your events are a good way of introducing guests to your congregation in a fun, informal setting. Give your members and guests a memorable experience with our premium color products. Whether it’s a concert, cultural show, or some other event, we’ll help you provide a unique, fun, and colorful experience!

Looking for a cool way to spice up your event? Why not combine classic field games with colored chalk powder from Chameleon Colors. Ask your participants to wear white shirts so they can better see and appreciate the beauty of colors.  Our non-toxic color products are completely safe and easy to remove.

Our products are perfect for a variety of church events, including:

  • Parades
  • Community events
  • Concerts
  • Halloween parties
  • Youth camps and conferences
  • Color wars and other games
  • Unique photo shoots


You may also use our color gel for any of these occasions. UV powder is great for night events, provided you have black light. You can also use liquid color in squirt guns for an exhilarating experience.

Make Chameleon Colors a part of your next successful church event. Call us for more details.


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