Church Events

Colorful Church Events 

Who says church events can’t be lively and fun? At Chameleon Colors, we believe that color powder parties are a great way to foster friendship, community, and inclusion. Our impressive line of color powder products will make your weekly, monthly, or annual church gatherings a fun and colorful way to make memories together!

A Meaningful Color Experience

Are you hosting regular church gatherings? Hosting fun events are a good way of introducing guests to your congregation in an informal setting. Whether it’s a concert, cultural show, youth color war, 5K charity race, or another event, we’ll help you provide a unique, fun, and colorful experience!

Ministry Coach Podcast Gives Ideas for Youth Group Color Powder War

Church Activity Ideas

Need some ideas to get started? No problem, here are five ideas that we know people of all ages love. 

1. Plan a "field day" summer camp for the youth in your congregation! Color powder and field games are a seamless combination. Build team work and camaraderie with games like Capture the Flag, Team Tag, or King of the Hill. Our bulk Color Balls are perfect for team games and allowing everyone to share in the fun! Plus, we now have Jumbo Color Balls for extreme color fun! 

2. Host a charity 5K race to raise funds for important causes to your community. While bake sales are always delicious, try a 5K color run for a new way to fundraise that encourages church members to get active and enjoy the outdoors. Check out our blog post, "How to Plan a Color Run" for more ideas and instructions for this activity. 

3. Small children love color powder, too! A "color war" or "color fight" is a fun way that children of all ages and abilities can participate in the color fun! It's as easy as it sounds: simply give every participant some color powder and let them throw it into the air (or more likely, at each other)! We have clear color packets that make this a stress-free activity! 

4. Plan a BBQ with a family obstacle course for introducing new families to your congregation. There's nothing that breaks the ice better than getting covered in color powder! Create a welcoming environment by having a family obstacle course where parents, youth, and children can work together to finish the course! You can use inexpensive supplies like hula hoops, pool noodles, buckets, etc. to create fun challenges for families to complete. Then have bystanders throw color powder on the participants to add to the challenge! We have large 5lb bags of color powder that would be a great way to buy in bulk and save. 

5. Host a colorful family summer festival concert. If the church members in your area love music, then this is a must-do activity. Youth groups especially love outdoor dances! Choose appropriate music, get lots of color powder, and have fun throwing color powder to all your favorite songs! 

Other church events that work well with color powder:  

  • Parades
  • Halloween or other holiday parties
  • Youth camps and conferences
  • Unique photo shoots

How Much Color powder do I Need? 

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "How much color powder do I need for my event?" After years of practice, we've come up with the perfect equation for your event. 

You'll need .75 -1 LB of color powder per person for a color fight 
6 - .75 LB of color powder per person for a color run

If you're planning a different event or have questions on other specifics, our color experts are happy to help! Please call us at 801-528-1250

Nontoxic, Quality Powder Guaranteed

Our color powder is all made in the USA. Our powders are all nontoxic, environmentally friendly, gluten-free, and FD&C and D&C approved. You can rest assured that you're receiving the highest quality color powder to use at your event.

Color Powder is Easy to Clean

First and foremost, we recommend only using Chameleon Colors color powders outdoors. For color powder remaining on grass after an event, the powder should disappear with water (such as water from sprinklers, hose, or a rainstorm). Our powder is eco-friendly and will not harm the environment. Any color on sidewalks or pavement should be blown away (a leaf blower would work great) or brushed away first. Then, any remaining powder can be washed away with a hose or power washer.  

For hair, skin and clothing, the easiest way to get color powder off is while it’s still dry. So, shake, wiggle, jump up and down, and brush it off the best you can. After that, use soap and water for the skin and shampoo for the hair. Chameleon Colors color powder is not intended to stain or dye clothing. For best results removing the color, brush off as much of the powder as you can before it gets wet. Then, wash the clothes on a regular wash cycle or hand wash the affected area until the color comes out. While our colors are not intended to stain, when large concentrations of the powders are mixed with water, the dyes can stain—especially on white clothing.

We are Here for You!

Chameleon Colors loves to be involved at every stage of planning your event. Our color experts are happy and willing to help you plan how much powder you'll need, offer ideas and suggestions for your event, and answer any questions along the way. Please call us Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm MDT at 801-528-1250 for a free color consultation or email us at

We also do custom colors with a minimum order of 500 lbs of color powder. Call us to place your order today!