Powder Paint Party Games for Teens and Tweens

Planning a party for teens and tweens can be a blast, especially when you add a splash of color! Powder paint parties are all the rage, and they offer a vibrant way to keep kids engaged and entertained. With a few creative powder paint party games for teens and tweens, you can turn a simple gathering into an unforgettable celebration.

Color War

Split the party into two or more friendly teams and assign each a designated color. Gear them up with Chameleon Colors’ color war kit, equipping players with vibrant color balls packed with our FD&C and D&C-approved, non-toxic color powder.

The colorful battle can begin after fitting each team of tweens or teens with their “ammo.” The team that covers the most members on the opposing team with their color wins! Color wars are an explosion of fun and a surefire way to create lasting memories long after the last speck of color washes away.

Vibrant Photo Challenge

Get ready to capture every moment with a high-energy photo challenge! This game is all about creativity and fun as participants—split into groups—go against each other to snap pictures with bursts of color. Partygoers can stage an array of creative photoshoots with our color run packets, from jump shots into a sky full of color to silhouettes emerging from a mist of raining color.

Set up different photo stations with eye-catching backdrops, props, and loads of color powder. Appoint a panel of judges to add a competitive edge and let the guests vote for their favorites or have Instagram or TikTok viewers choose the winning photo. This game will keep everyone entertained and create lasting memories and social media-worthy photos everyone will love!

Color Assassin

Ready for an adrenaline-pumping twist on a classic game? Introducing color assassin, the ultimate powder paint murder mystery! One detective is on a mission to uncover which sneaky assassin is actively “eliminating” party guests with bursts of colorful powder in this high-stakes game.

Just like in Wink Murder, the assassin secretly “kills” their targets by subtly tagging or smearing color powder on them. It’s up to the detective to keenly observe and catch the culprit before everyone ends up covered in a rainbow of colors. Throughout the ongoing assassination, players are trying to solve a series of escape room-like games and puzzles to see if they can escape the murderous “town” or “mansion” before the color assassin eliminates them.

No one knows who the detective and assassin are, adding more mystery to the game. The assassin wins if they can successfully eliminate everyone without getting caught. The detective wins if they can find the assassin before everyone “dies.” The rest of the party crew wins if they can escape and solve all the challenges before the assassin targets them.

Your fun-loving group will have an unforgettable time with these powder paint party games for teens and tweens. No matter your colorful activity of choice, choose Chameleon Colors’ color powders to supply your party with non-toxic, eco-friendly, and pigmented colors!