#5 (TIE) Sibling Gender Reveal Photoshoot

This adorable sibling gender reveal photoshoot is the perfect way to have everyone in the family involved in the reveal of your little one! We loved its simplicity, ease, and colorful way to reveal the baby’s gender to the world. (Bonus points: this is a great social distancing gender reveal in 2020!)

Color Powder Supplies Needed: 1-pound Gender Reveal Color Powder Kit

#5 (TIE) Color Blaster Gender Reveal


We can’t help but feel excited for @amby_truess and her family after watching this color blaster gender reveal! Blast 2020’s out from the dumps with an adorable color blaster gender reveal on Zoom with all of your family and loved ones. 

Color Powder Supplies Needed: Color Blasters

#4 Barbell Gender Reveal


Attention! If you know anyone who likes to show off their impressive bicep muscles and have a big party at the same time, we’ve got a reveal for you from This was filmed at the Air Force Academy. (Thank you for your service!) This barbell gender reveal is an ideal CrossFit® Reveal or a gender reveal for anyone who might consider themselves a gym rat. 

Color Powder Supplies Needed: 1-pound Blackout Gender Reveal Kit

#3 (TIE) Truck Exhaust Gender Reveal


You’ll never hear the end of how parenting can be so “exhausting,” so celebrate with a fun kind of exhaust with a Truck Exhaust Gender Reveal like the Frahm family! This is a fun way to blow away your friends and family with a colorful burst to reveal your baby’s gender. 

Color Powder Supplies Needed: 5-pound Gender Reveal Kit

#3 (TIE) McLaren Burnout Gender Reveal

We love any reveal that showcases a McLaren. How could you not? This is an amazing moment captured by @espi_720s, and we love the celebration! Burnout Gender Reveals are all the rage, and it’s obvious to see why. Two thumbs up for this awesome gender reveal burnout. 

Color Powder Supplies Needed: 1-pound Gender Reveal Kit (?)

#2 Cliff Jumping Gender Reveal 


There’s nothing like launching yourself into parenthood like cliff jumping. And what a fun and unique gender reveal to show all your friends and family. This reveal causes quite the splash!

A quick word of caution: We realize that this reveal isn’t for everyone. We also recognize, and warn, that this is a gender reveal more suited for fathers. Cliff Jumping (or any type of extreme sport) is not suitable for most pregnant women, so safety first! 

Materials Needed: Color Blasters

#1 Helicopter Gender Reveal 


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! (Not quite, but almost.) It’s actually a helicopter filled with color powder to shower you in the gender of your family’s newest addition! The Castle family sure knows how to throw a Gender Reveal party with style. We love how unique this gender reveal is; we can definitely say that we’ve never seen anything like it! We couldn’t help but slide this to the top of our list of the Top 5 Color Powder Gender Reveals. 

Color Powder Supplies Needed: 5-pound Gender Reveal Kit (3-5 kits)

Do you have an amazing color powder gender reveal that you would like to share with the world? You can upload yours here to be entered into our next contest! 

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