5 Pound Color Powder Bags, 6 Pack

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With 30 pounds of 6 vibrant color powder colors (5lbs per color), you'll love the vivid blue, pink, green, orange, yellow, and purple holi powders! The 5-pound bags are the perfect mix of size and value. These sturdy bags are perfect for color runs, holi festivals, youth camps, school events, color wars, photoshoots, gender reveals, and pretty much everything you could possibly use color powder for!
  • Includes 30 pounds (5lbs/bag) of vivid color powder for any colorful event. 

  • Perfect chalk powder kit for 20-25 people. This is a great option for bulk color powder. The bags are easy to move, stack, and access at any event. All colors come in sturdy, easy to open individual bags. 

  • Once you're ready to use the powder, throw chalk powder with squirt bottles, paper cups, small containers, or your hands!

  • Non-toxic, gluten-free, and environmentally safe color powder is easy to clean. Safe for children and pets.

  • All ingredients are FD&C and D&C approved. Made in the U.S.A.


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Customer Reviews

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Melissa Lucca

We can wait to use the powder! Thanks!


I had made my own a few years ago (it took 2 weeks during a very dry hot summer, along with additional baking). I decided I'd never do that again and purchased online. These colors were amazing! We were able to fill up several ketchup bottles and tons of small cups for the kids (we probably had around 15 kids and 5 adults participating). It lasted the perfect amount of time and all the kids/parents enjoyed it! It is a lot of powder! Totally worth it!