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The Chameleon Colors Color War Kit is the ultimate boredom buster for all ages! Color warriors will love participating in color battles and creating colorful memories with their family and friends. Use the Color War Kit to add colorful explosions to holi celebrations, color races, color wars, or any outdoor games.
  • Includes 10 vibrant colored powder filled color balls in red, yellow, navy blue, green, orange, purple, pink, magenta, blue, aquamarine with a 70 gram color refill pack for each color.

  • This pre-filled kit is ideal for 5-10 people. It's like a safe version of throwable paint balls that everyone will love! Dress in white for maximum effect. 

  • Throw each color ball 50-60 times. They're easy to refill and use again and again! Add colorful play to birthday parties, office parties, family reunions, neighborhood parties, and more!

  • Non-toxic, gluten-free, and environmentally safe color powder is easy to clean. Safe for children and pets.

  • All ingredients are FD&C and D&C approved. Made in the U.S.A.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Jonathan Morris
    Vibrantly Great!!

    Colors were vibrant and filled the air with wonderful color and covered students well. I was worried we may not have enough powder but ended up having plenty! Only complaint is the throwable powder balls didn't last as long as advertised. One of them ripped pretty quickly so the powder emptied fairly fast! Still lasted through one game but had to cycle them out to make them last longer.

    Zarinah R
    Bright & Beautiful...

    Pros; The colors are Bright & Beautiful. I haven't used them yet but am excited to. Plus they also arrived quite swiftly.

    Cons; Some of the packets arrived burst open (without any packaging fill or protectants). Also one color came in unlabeled clear packaging. I emailed the company and didn't get any offer to send replacements, refund or fix this problem in anyway. (just and auto reply the didn't address my problem.)
    For me great or even good customer service has to match great or good products. So I may be a one-time buyer and I was looking for this to be a new supplier for me and projects and programs.

    Candace Abney
    Loved these Color Bombs!!

    We recently tested out this product and found it to be surprisingly easy to use. Three of us played for approximately 30 minutes without having to do a refill. I am curious on the refills as it seems there isn't the same amount of colored powder in the refills as is for the original color bombs. Super fun, super washable and easy to get out of clothes and didn't hurt our phones when filming. Thanks for these definitely something we will continue to purchase!