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Color Powder Packets

Do you dream of creating unforgettable, vibrant events? Get ready to embrace a world exploding with color at Chameleon Colors.

We specialize in the most dazzling color powder packets on the market. Whether you’re planning a gender reveal, celebrating Holi, or just looking to jazz up a backyard party, our color packets add that magical touch of vibrancy and fun.

Choose from our wide variety of packet sizes to perfectly suit your needs, whether you’re going big with one color or bringing a full spectrum to the show. With a range of products, from 70-gram individual packets to 1-pound bags, we can deliver the color to your event, from photo shoots to color runs, with versatility and convenience. We even offer 100-gram clear bags for those who want their color powder packets to be as colorful as their events!

Best of all, we manufacture our color powder packets from nontoxic, gluten-free, and environmentally safe ingredients. They’re easy to use and clean and safe for kids and pets.

So why wait? Dive into our rainbow of color powder packets now and make some incredible memories!