Bulk & Wholesale Color Powder - Chameleon Colors

  1. Chameleon Colors Gender Reveal Party Box
  2. Chameleon Colors Bulk Gender Reveal Powder 25 lbs blue
  3. Chameleon Colors Bulk Gender Reveal Powder 25 lbs pink

Wholesale Color Powder

Whether you’re planning a large-scale event that needs a splash of color or organizing a fundraiser that you want to make unforgettable, our wholesale color powder is exactly what you need!

Our high-quality color powder comes in an economical 25-pound box, perfect for grand events that demand an extra dose of fun. With 10 different colors to choose from, your event will be as colorful as a rainbow!

Ideal for color runs, Holi festivals, youth camps, school events, fundraisers, or color wars, our color powder adds that magic touch to any event. With Chameleon Colors, you’re not just buying wholesale color powder; you’re creating vibrant memories! Dive into our world of color and paint the town red—or any color you like!