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The Complete Color Guide

Is this your first, second, or even 103rd time using Chameleon Colors? You’ll want to read The Complete Color Guide before you start playing to get the most out of your color experience. We’ve included 20 Ways to Color Your World in 2020, cleaning instructions, safety FAQS, and how to join the Chameleon Fan Club in this one-of-a-kind guide. Get ready to live colorfully with Chameleon Colors. 

20 Ways to Color Your World in 2020

  • Throw the Ultimate Color Battle! Prepare yourselves: once you have a Color Battle, there’s absolutely no turning back. These are perfect for lazy summer afternoons when you, or your kids, want to go out and just have a blast. Invite everyone you know, divide into teams, choose your colors, and start throwing! For the ultimate effect, have each team start with white t-shirts, stock up with any of our many vibrant color powders, use our refillable color balls, and attack! It’s like paintball without all the welts and bruises.
  • A color powder Gender Reveal Party is the perfect way to create a memory during pregnancy! As the leading experts in color powder gender reveal supplies, we know what it takes to throw an amazing gender reveal party loaded with bright color powder. Blue or pink, what do you think? With our blackout packages, the expecting parents can be just as surprised as their guests! For more gender reveal ideas, check out our gender reveals ideas and inspiration
      1. Need to raise cash fast? Use color powder with your next fundraiser! There are so many different ways to use color powder for a fundraiser, you can even re-sell our bulk color powder. We have tons of different resources on our website to make your fundraiser a breeze to organize and a blast to do! Who doesn’t love a 24-hour dance marathon with color powder? 
  • A Color Run is a bucket-list item for passionate runners and color enthusiasts alike. Great for school fundraisers, community events, or business parties, a color run is a fun way to make your 5K or run more colorful and exciting. We have a complete guide on how to throw a successful color run on our blog!
  • Plan a colorful photoshoot with all your friends! There’s only one thing better than throwing color powder at your friends while they do cool stuff, and that’s having pictures of the aftermath! Create moments and make memories while you enjoy Chameleon Color color powder. 
      1. If you’re an aspiring gymnast or dancer, you need our color powder to show off your tumbling moves, jumps, and leaps! Imagine colorful powder exploding from your hands and feet on your tumbling mat during your next backhand spring. Why use boring white chalk when you can be unique, colorful, and fun with Chameleon Colors? 
      2. You’ll definitely want a snow day once you try Chameleon Colors color powder in the snow! Release your inner artist and give Frosty a makeover with vibrant colors. Winter can be so monochromatic, so get outside and have a colorful blast in the snow.  Don’t worry about the cleanup—the color powder will disappear as the snow melts. Pro tip: fill our Color Squirt Bottles with color powder for even more outdoor fun. 
      3. We’re not horsing around, Chameleon Colors products are safe and fun to use with pets! We know life can get dull and ruff, but stop what you’re doing meow and give your lovable fur baby a new, colorful look. (You can even make your neighbor’s yappy dog a vibrant shade of blue. Shhh, don’t worry, we won’t tell.)
  • Try Chameleon Color’s liquid color concentrate for a colorful (and memorable) water fight extravaganza! Water fights are the best way to pass a hot afternoon, there’s no doubt about it. So next time you pull out the hoses and squirt guns, use Chameleon Colors liquid color concentrate to really leave your mark on your opponents. This is the easiest way to add color to your battle and it won’t clog up your guns! Don’t even get us started with color-filled water balloon bombs! 
      1. Ready for the best day-date for you next School dance? Throw a colorful party and wear your colorful clothes to the school dance! We have tons of different color supplies to make this a rockin’ time, but we suggest our Holi Color Gel or our other UV color supplies since it glows in black light!  
      2. Unicorns are where it’s at, so throw a Unicorn Color Birthday Party! Plan the most magical party in town with an interactive rainbow fiesta for your child’s birthday! (Or for yourself; why not? YOLO.) Use our colorful multipacks to get a variety of vibrant colors for all your guests. 
      3. Are your field games getting a bit old? Spruce up those field games with our chalk-filled Color Balls! Our color balls can take a normal game of Capture the Flag and turn it into a colorful explosion of strategy and fun! Or, choose teams and create the ultimate, colorful tug-o-war. Put a plastic tarp on the grass and cover it with color powder, and the losing team will fall right in the pile of powder. You can even use our UV Color powder for nightime blacklight fun. This is an awesome way to add a twist to family reunions or neighborhood parties! 
  • Have you tried Chameleon Color’s mica powder yet? If running through a colorful cloud of chalk dust isn’t really your thing, you’ll love our mica powder. Mica powder is the secret ingredient for all things crafty. Whether you’re baking a special cake, making fabulous nail polish, or creating D.I.Y. candles, mica powder is the perfect way to add both shimmer and color to your world. Our mica powder even comes with D.I.Y. instructions for hours of fun for the whole family! 
      1. The crowd’s cheering and the smell of fresh hot dogs is wafting through the air. The only thing you’re missing is color powder for your fans to throw at your school’s next halftime show! This the ultimate expression of school spirit with completely customizable bulk color powder for your next football game. The fans will love getting involved and colorful for their team!
      2. Chameleon Colors color powder makes the best extreme stunt effects for our colorful adrenaline junkies. We’ve seen people use color powder for cliff jumping videos, wakeboarding effects, and even thrown out of a helicopter! Your friends will love creating colorful memories. (Don’t forget to take a camera!) If you’re not one for all the thrills, just add some color powder to your trampoline for kaleidoscopic twirls and flips. 
      3. You can make fun and shareable slo-mo videos with our color powder. If you’ve never seen color powder in slow-motion, you’ll need to do this right away. Just call some of your friends over, pour color powder in their hair—with their permission of course—and get ready to hit record. You can make a slo-mo video of the most colorful hair flip you’ve ever seen, or just go crazy throwing color all over each other (since we know that’s how it was going to end, anyway). The possibilities are endless. 
  • Practice skeet shooting with color-filled targets! If you love target shooting, then you’ll have a literal blast with our DIY Pigeon Powder target kits. These have simple instructions, they’re easy to use, and they explode with color on impact! You’ll never have to guess if you hit your target. This is a great bonding activity for families who love classic outdoor activities with a colorful twist. 
  • There’s nothing that says summer quite like carnival games! We love classic carnival games, but you can make them even more fun with color powder. Try filling balloons with color powder for your dart board or throwing our C-Balls at the dunk tank! You could even sell our bulk color powder and launch an epic color battle! These ideas make for the perfect school carnivals, end-of-year parties, or field days. 
  • Get your groove on with our special UV powder supplies and throw a Black Light Dance Party. Our UV color powder, UV liquid color concentrate, and holi color gel all glow under black light, so you can have fun with color and then show it off with your killer dance moves. If you’re looking for a fun and unique day-date for a school black light dance, this is it! 
  • After you’re done playing in color powder all day, take a bath and use Chameleon’s DIY Bath Bomb kit to clean up!  Our kits are so easy to use that even a baby could do it. (Well, maybe with parental supervision.) Everyone will have fun forming bath bombs and watching them fizz in the bath! 

  • Color Clean-Up

    Our color products are for anyone and everyone who wants to help us color the world. However, we understand if you don’t want to have your world covered in color powder all the time. Follow these easy clean-up instructions for lasting fun without the lasting mess. 

    Cleaning Color Powder From People and Clothes

    We recommend getting as much of the powders off as you can before adding water to skin or clothes. So shake, bounce, dance, wiggle, and blow off loose color from hair, skin, and clothes while it’s dry. Then, for the straggling color powder on your skin and hair, use a little shampoo and soap and you’re good to go. Or, if you need to freshen up your clothes, just toss them in a load of wash after you’ve done the color-removal boogie, of course.

    As a word of caution, our liquid color concentrate is more likely to stain clothes than our color powder products. Though our color powder is not meant to stain clothes, we suggest wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty if you plan on making it rain the rainbow. 

    Cleaning Color Powder from Grass or Streets

    If you use our color powder on the grass, it will practically disappear, which makes playing with color powder the ideal outdoor activity year round! If you are planning a field day, carnival, or color palooza on the grass, you’ll never even know it happened, especially after one sprinkler cycle or a good rainstorm. 

    If you’re planning an outdoor event that will take place on concrete or cement, such as a color run, you’ll be surprised by the easy clean up. Simply sweep or blow away the excess color powder and spray with a hose (or wait for a little help from Mother Nature).   

    Cleaning Color Powder from an Indoor Event

    We love color powder anytime, anywhere. That being said, large, indoor events can create a difficult cleanup. It’s important to keep the color powder away from air systems. After the event, dust color powder off any furniture, and then vacuum or sweep the leftover color powder off the floor. The instructions are the same for small amounts of color powder (such as the color powder you would use for an indoor photo shoot) or if you use Chameleon Colors Mica Powder for crafts. 

    Color Safety FAQS

    Here at Chameleon Colors, we want everyone to have an enjoyable, fun, and safe time with our color products. Please read these safety FAQS and guidelines since you know what they say: “An apple a day keeps…” Oh, wait. Wrong one. “Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all…” Nope, not that either. Just go on ahead and read the safety FAQs.

    Q: What if it the color powder gets in eyes?

    A: The easiest solution is to not throw the color powder in the face. Tell anyone who will be touching the color powder to aim for the body and not the head. (Isn’t that always a cheap shot anyway?) You could also encourage participants to wear cool sunglasses to reduce the risk of getting the powder in the eye. If color powder does get into the eye, rinse thoroughly with water until the irritation goes away. 

    Q: Can we eat the colors?

    A: We recommend wearing it, throwing it, even jumping into it, but not ingesting it. If you cannot resist the desire to try it, please know it is gluten-free. Our materials are non-toxic, and technically edible. We just don’t think you’ll want to add our color powders to your culinary craft collection. It is corn starch, but will probably taste like colored dirt. 

    Q: Can we inhale color powders?

    A: Inhaling color powder is like breathing in dust and dirt, extensive exposure is not recommended.

    Q: Are the colors safe?

    A: Our vibrant colors are made up of corn starch and FD&C and/or D&C colors. Color safety information: Approved for use in foods, cosmetics and/or drugs. These products are not considered hazardous, 29 CFR 1910-1200.

    Our  Colors-SDS  will list any other ingredients you might have questions about.

    The Chameleon Fan Club

    (A.K.A) Social Media 

    It’s time to get over that Herpetophobia (the fear of reptiles, specifically chameleons) and join the Chameleon Fan Club on Social. We’ll share common FAQs, product deals, and amazing ideas from our customers like you! So don’t forget to tag us in your colorful creations!