Gender Reveal Color Ball Kit

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Host a unique gender reveal with a fun twist that gets everyone involved! Everyone has seen a gender reveal smoke cloud or balloon reveal. Our gender reveal ball kits offer a unique experience and a fun way to announce your little one’s gender!
  • Equip your party with gender reveal powder balls to enjoy a safe, throwable version of a paintball fight everyone will love! Our kit makes the party prep a breeze with 10 pre-filled color balls (five pink and five blue), ideal for 5-10 people. When you throw the gender reveal balls, color will spread through the air and splash wherever the balls land. Dress in white for maximum effect and beautiful gender reveal photos!

  • You can throw each color ball 50-60 times. When the balls run out of powder, you can easily refill them and use them again and again! ​You can also ​​u​se the pink and blue color balls to divide into teams at ​other events like ​birthday parties, office parties, family reunions, neighborhood parties, and more. Color powder ball fights are e​xciting ​for many occasions!

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  • Non-toxic, gluten-free, and environmentally safe color powder is easy to clean. Safe for children and pets.

  • All ingredients are FD&C and D&C approved.