Mica Powder Base Pigment

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           non toxic pigment set of 125 grams
           25 colors x 5 grams
  • BONUS INCLUDED. High quality instruction kit with specifics for 8 different DIY crafts using Mica Powder . Makeup, Soap, Jewelry, Bath Bombs, Counter Tops, Candles, Painting, and Tumblers.
  • GIFT BOX. Give the ultimate DIY gift in this custom box. Share the secrets of soap making, epoxy pigment, lip gloss and all things Mica Powder.
  • SO EASY. NO GUESSING. Our beautiful insert has the secrets and instructions (with measurements) for all your Mica Powder needs.
  • DIY DREAM. Whether it's soap making, lip gloss base, slime, glitter, bath bombs, or epoxy, cosmetic Mica Powder by Chameleon is what you want.
  • NO STRESS. We've sourced quality Mica Powder and included the core colors you need for the ultimate pigment powder kit.