5 Tips for Colorful Senior Pictures

Celebrate this milestone with color powder senior pictures 

Congratulations, Grad! We know you spent hours pouring over homework assignments, studying for tests, making lifelong friends, attending sporting events, and now you’re crossing the finish line. You need to capture the moment in full color. Don’t let your senior photos be as boring as the last 30 minutes of biology class! Color powder senior pictures are a fun and unique way to celebrate your highschool graduation. 

Need some help to make it happen? No worries! We’ve got 5 tips, as well as vibrant color powders, for you to help make your dream senior photoshoot become a reality. 

1. Show off Your School Spirit With School Colors
We’ve got a rainbow of colors to choose from! (Plus a few more with 10 different color options.) So make sure to order your school’s colors to make your senior pictures extra special. We recommend using at least 5-10 of our 70g packets or a 1lb bag of each color. The more color you use, the better the pictures

2. Gather Your Friends
Having your friends there can help make the photoshoot more fun and more colorful. You’ll need someone to help throw the color powder and just the right moment so the photographer can focus on the star. (That would be you, of course.) You can also use family members, neighbors, or any of your supporters. The more helpers behind you, the more colorful your pictures will be. 

3. Wear a Graduation Gown
While this certainly isn’t a requirement, we think it’s fun to capture the moment in style. And while a cap and billowing gown may not be your idea of high fashion, you only graduate from high school once! So take advantage of the opportunity to get a few shots in your gown. 

4. Take Photos at Your High School
Need background inspiration? Using your stomping grounds as a background is a fun choice for senior pictures! If you’re all too eager to move forward and never look back, we understand. A grassy park is a great choice since the powders are biodegradable and will disappear with the next rain or sprinkler cycle. 

5. Celebrate Your College Choice
Ready to move on from high school? Celebrate your new school in your senior pictures! Instead of using your high school colors, mark the start of a new adventure with your college’s colors. Many colleges and universities will send free t-shirts with your acceptance, so that can be a great addition to a photoshoot.

Senior pictures are a great way to reflect on everything you’ve become and the hard things you’ve accomplished. So let loose, throw some color powder, and have fun! And by the way, we think you’ve earned yourself a color party! Check out our Color Party Kit to help with your once-in-a-lifetime graduation party.  

Teenage boy in red graduation robes throwing white powder