How to Throw a Holi Celebration At Home

The Holi Celebration is a beautiful and colorful way to welcome the joy of spring and say goodbye to dreary winter. We need the Holi tradition of celebrating inclusion, unity, love, and peace more than ever! So, how can we celebrate new beginnings with the people we love? By throwing a Holi Celebration at home, of course! Not only is this a fun way to celebrate “The Festival of Colors," but it is a great cultural learning opportunity to teach your children the true meaning of Holi. 

What is Holi?

The Holi Celebration comes from India and has been celebrated for hundreds of years. Thousands of people gather to celebrate this Hindu event. The reason? To put their past in the past, and look forward to a bright and colorful future every spring. It is a two-day event: during the first night, families gather for a sacred bonfire. The second day is The Festival of Colors, a cultural celebration and, well, a party!  No matter your religious background, everyone is invited to participate in the Festival of Colors. In fact, if you visited India during Holi, you wouldn’t be able to walk out on the streets without getting plastered with colorful powder. 

What Can I Teach My Kids About the Meaning of Holi? 

Although Holi is a Hindu tradition, everyone is invited to participate in the Festival of Colors regardless of your religious or cultural background. It is a symbol of love and inclusion. By celebrating Holi at home, you can teach your children about unity as a family and have a blast while doing it! The tradition of throwing vibrant color powder is symbolic of winter’s end and spring’s bright beginning. Indeed, the future is bright with Holi! This year, many children have fear for what the future may bring, and having a Holi celebration is the perfect outward expression of infusing hope and optimism into your home. Plus, did you know that the traditional Holi colors are even symbolic? You can teach your family that blue is for Krishna, the Hindu god with blue skin, green represents rebirth and new beginnings, red symbolizes marriage or fertility, and yellow represents turmeric, which is often used for natural remedies. 

How can I have a Holi Celebration, or Festival of Colors, at my house? 

This is definitely an event you’ll want to host outside, either in your yard or at a nearby park. Invite close friends and family! Traditionally, everyone wears white so the colors stand out. You’ll need color powder, water, and upbeat Holi music! Everyone begins by smearing some of the color powder on each other and spraying or splashing each other lightly with water. Water is definitely optional, but it is included in traditional Holi celebrations so that the color powder stays on longer. Using a combination of water and color powder can stain clothing, so please keep that in mind. After everyone has a little color on their face and arms, have a countdown to throw the color powder in the air and at each other! You’ll have a blast celebrating the colors of spring. 

Where can I get color powder? 

Many of the holi color powders used in India come from plants and spices. However, you can buy Chameleon Colors color powder and have it on your doorstep stress-free. We have tons of different options for every family or group of any size. 

  • For groups with 3-10 people, we recommend our 70-gram Individual Packet Kit. This kit comes with 11 packets with 11 different colors of holi powders! For groups of 5-10 people, you’ll want at least two or three kits. 
  • 10-15 people, try our 1-pound 10 pack. Each bag is a different color, so you’ll have a blast playing with 10 pounds holi color powder. 
  • For groups of 15-20 people, you’ll love our 5-pound 6 pack. Six different colors in 5-pound and easy-to-open bags. You’ll love how easy this is to use at your home festival! 
  • Use squeeze bottles to effectively, and accurately, shower your loved ones in color powder! 

Our authentic color powder products have been enjoyed by millions all around the world. We offer the highest quality product possible. All our ingredients are FD&C and D&C approved.

How do I clean up color powder? 

Throwing color powder everywhere sounds like a big mess, but luckily our color powders are easy to clean! Especially if you follow these guidelines: 

  1. Host your Festival of Colors outdoors and not in your home. 
  2. Dust off loose color powder from hair, skin, and clothes while dry.
  3. For any remaining power, use water, soap, and shampoo as needed.
  4. Our color powders are not meant to stain clothing. After shaking off loose powder, place soiled clothes in a normal laundry cycle. However, colors can stain when used with water. It’s best to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting colorful.  
  5. Blow or sweep off hard surfaces before applying any water. When used on grass, it practically disappears—especially after a sprinkler cycle or rain storm.

We hope that we can help spread the joy of color to you and your loved ones during this time of year! Happy Holi!

The Chameleon Colors Team