Everything You Need to Know About Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Spreading the joy of color has never been or easier with Chameleon Colors Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit! 


Take your sidewalk chalk art to the next level with the Chameleon Colors Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit and Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit. Your art will come alive with our vibrant colors! Whether you're blending, stenciling, or using tape for to resist, our chalk paint will make your artistic creations come to life! 

Sidewalk Chalk Kit Contents
The Chameleon Colors Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit includes 10 vibrant chalk powder packets, 4 squeeze bottles, 10 stir sticks, 4 large paint brushes, and detailed instructions. 


Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit Contents
The Chameleon Colors Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit includes 11, 70-gram packets of Chameleon Colors color powder, 4 squeeze bottles, 5 large paint brushes, 10 stir sticks, 1 roll of masking tape for outlining, and 6 stencils.



Using Chameleon Colors Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit or Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit is easy, customizable, and fun! 

Follow these simple instructions to begin your creative adventure. 

  1. Pour 1 packet of Chameleon Colors color powder into a cup or container.
  2. Add ¼ cup of water and stir vigorously with one stir-stick (included in kit).
  3. If the mixture is too thick, continue to add water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until you have reached desired consistency for painting. Here’s a helpful hint while mixing the colors: Because Chameleon Colors color powders are non-toxic and D&C/ FD&C approved, some of the color packets will require different amounts of water. Some of the color packets may only require ¼ cup of water, but others may require closer to ½ cup. It also may help to add a drop of liquid dish soap to help the powder and water to mix smoothly. It’s not required, but it can make it easier. 
  4. Stir again. You may need to stir the mixture once in a while to avoid the powder from settling in the container while you’re painting. 
  5. Pour the paint mixture into a squeeze bottle or paint directly from the container with a paint brush to create your work of art.

To re-use any leftover paint, place chalk paint in an air-tight container and keep refrigerated for up to one week. Slowly add water as needed for re-use. Don’t pour any unused paints down the drain. 

Ideas for Use

The possibilities are endless with sidewalk chalk paint, but we have three ways to paint to help spark your creativity: 

  1. Squeeze it: Squeeze out beautiful creations with Chameleon Colors Squeeze bottles, which are included in the kit. To use the squeeze bottles, create a thinner, or more liquid, paint consistency by adding more water. This will help you to add special details for your works of art!
  2. Paint like an artist. We’ve included large paint brushes in the kit so you can release your inner Picasso! For best results, mix the powder with less water than the squeeze bottle to create a consistency that’s easy to brush. Plus with the added stencils with the Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit, you can really bring your creations to life!
  3. Finger paints are a fun way to use the brilliant colors, especially for young, budding artists. Beautiful works of art are at your fingertips! For finger painting, add less water to the paint mixture so that it’s thicker and easier to spread. 

Chameleon Colors is excited to see your beautiful creations! Make sure to tag us @chameleoncolorsinc in your Instagram posts to help spread the joy of color.