5 Colorful New Easter Traditions

Eggstra special ways to celebrate Easter this year 

With Easter quickly approaching, we have some colorful ideas to make your Easter holiday even more egg-citing! 

Easter is a beautiful springtime celebration, and we have the best ways to put a colorful twist on your favorite Easter traditions. While Easter egg hunts and dying eggs are a classic, it’s time to make these traditional Easter activities a little more, well, non-traditional! So here are five unique and colorful Easter traditions that we know your family will love! 

1. Easter Color War

What's round and colorful and more fun than an Easter egg? A Chameleon Colors Color Ball! Whether you hunt for the balls or just hand them out to your participants after your hunt, having a color ball fight is sure to become a favorite colorful Easter tradition. You can do a free for all, or create color teams. The game is like dodge ball with tennis-ball sized balls filled with color powder. The best thing about the Chameleon Colors color balls is that they can be refilled as many times as you like. We recommend our 70-gram Individual Packet Kit. This kit comes with 11 packets with 11 different colors of holi powders! For groups of 5-10 people, you’ll want at least two or three kits. Instead of Easter eggs, the participants will hunt for color balls and color packets. You can color code the hunt for each participant so there is an equal number of color balls and powder packets. After everyone has found their Color Balls and powder packets, commence in an ultimate outdoor color war! It’s a fun way to get active and start a new family tradition for Easter this year. 

2. Color Powder Easter Egg Hunt

This is the next-level, egg-citing Easter egg hunt that we know everyone is going to enjoy. Plus, it has just enough competition that older kids and adults will love it too! This Easter egg hunt is based on a simple point system. The person with the most points wins. While there are many different variations you could do this, we’ll explain our favorite. For this hunt, you’ll need our Rainbow Kit, enough multi-colored eggs for each participant to have five eggs, candy to fill the eggs, and a grand prize.

To set up this fun Easter egg hunt, put a piece of candy in all of the eggs—like you normally would for a traditional egg hunt—and divide the eggs into piles of 5. You should have one pile for each participant. (For example, if there are four participants, you should have four different piles with five eggs in each pile.) Then, take two eggs from each pile and fill them with the color powder. Hide your eggs outside. Each egg is worth five points, but the color powder filled eggs, or confetti eggs, are worth 10 points. Make sure your participants know to open the eggs outside!  

3. Crack the Egg! DIY Easter Egg Piñata

Easter eggs are fun and all, but why go hunt for eggs when you can crack the egg! DIY eggs are not only fun to hit down, but you can get the whole family involved making them too. There are many ways to create a DIY egg piñata, but we love this idea from mom.com. If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to fill the piñata, you could fill it with candy and color powder packets for fun all Easter weekend. Or, make multiple smaller piñatas and fill them either with color powder or candy. It will be like Easter egg roulette to see if the piñata is a colorful explosion or candy delight. Make sure you break them outside!


4. Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Dying eggs are perhaps the most popular Easter tradition, but after all the fun and games, you’ll need an equally fun way to clean up! Try making Easter egg bath bombs with Chameleon Colors Mica Powder. The mica powder will give the bath bombs a special shimmer. Use your favorite bath bomb recipe and replace plastic eggs for the traditional bath bomb mold. After the bath bomb is molded, all you’ll do is gently roll the bath bomb in the mica powder to create a beautiful and shimmering finish. You can also use a paintbrush and “paint” the mica powder on if that’s easier. You’ll have colorful, festive, and delightfully fizzy bath bombs! Plus, these make great Easter gifts for family, friends, and neighbors.