5 Colorful Boredom Busters for Kids

Five color powder boredom busters to do with your kids

We get it. You’re stuck at home with a house full of kids, and the days are dragging on. There’s only so many times you can play that old board (or should we say bored) game or pretend to save the universe. Both you and your kids are sick of the daily routine and usual indoor activities, and it’s time to shake things up. Enter: color powder! 

Color powder is an easy way to add some excitement into an otherwise uneventful day. Your kids will love turning an ordinary activity into a brilliant, colorful memory. Chameleon Colors is here to save your sanity, and we think you’re going to have some fun too. Here are five colorful activities for when you’re stuck at home: 

  1. Color Powder War

There’s nothing that says family love and unity more than dividing and conquering. We’re just kidding around, but kids love to get their hands a little messy with some competitive fun! (Make sure to do this, and all these color activities outside!) Color powder wars are like paintballing without the painful welts. Chameleon Colors’ Color Powder 70-gram 10 Pack with 10 Refillable Color Balls is the perfect addition to any color war. You can throw the Color Balls 50-60 times before its time for a refill, so you can entertain your kids for countless hours of color fun! 

      2. Backyard Color Carnival 

Create a color carnival in your backyard for your kids to enjoy! We love spring carnivals, and if you’re stuck at home, this is the perfect activity for you. There are plenty of games to play at a carnival, and adding color powder makes it that much more fun! Use Chameleon Colors’ five-pound, six-pack so you get a variety of color powders and so you have enough colored powder for all the activities. Make a balloon dartboard and fill balloons with color powder. Or, make targets with cardboard and paper and throw Color Balls. If you hit the targets, you get a prize! You could also make a colorful tug-o-war. You’ll need a mat, rope (a jump rope could work), and leftover color powder. Spread the color powder on the mat, divide into teams, and start tugging! Losing team falls into a cloud of colorful dust! You could make yummy carnival food like cotton candy, popcorn, and hotdogs for afterwards. 


       3. Color Powder Field Games

Kids love to be outside soaking up the warm spring sunshine! Field games are a great way to spend the afternoon. For groups of 5-12 people, use Chameleon Colors 10 pack with 1-pound bags. You’ll have 10 different colors that the kids can play in all day. Plus, use our squeeze bottles to take classic field games like capture the flag, tag, and hide ‘n seek to the next level! 


       4. Make a Family Music Video

Color powder is a vibrant and awesome special effect for a music video. Choose a song as a family, dress in all white, and use color powder for the special effects! You’ll want to use Chameleon Colors 70-gram 11 pack of holi color powder. At the count of three, throw your color powder in the air. Or, if you have a trampoline, try spreading the color powder all over and have one of the kids do a cannonball. If someone in your family has long hair, have them bend over, pour some color powder in their hair, and tell them to flip! It’ll be an awesome hair flip for your music video!


       5.Throw a Holi Celebration at your home!

Holi, or the Festival of Colors, is a beautiful Hindu festival that celebrates new beginnings in the spring. It is a celebration of love, peace, and optimism. In fact, we’ve written an entire blog about why it’s so great, what you can teach your children, and how to do it in your backyard! Check it out for yourself here. 

We know your kids are going to have a blast with these colorful activities! (And hey, you will too! Don’t let them have all the fun.) For an easy clean-up, shake or dust off loose color powder from hair, skin, and clothes while dry. Then, for any remaining power, use water, soap, and shampoo as needed. Our color powders are not meant to stain clothing. After shaking off loose powder, place soiled clothes in a normal laundry cycle. However, colors can stain when used with water. It’s best to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting colorful. Blow or sweep off hard surfaces before applying any water. When used on grass, it practically disappears—especially after a sprinkler cycle or rain storm.

For more ideas on color fun, keep checking in to chameleoncolors.com or follow us on social media @chameleoncolorsinc! 

The Chameleon Colors Team