What They Really Want: 5 Valentine’s Activities for Kids

Five colorful activities to create memories this Valentine’s Day

Let’s be honest, too many sweet treats on Valentine’s gives both kids and parents a big headache. While we have nothing against candy hearts and boxes of chocolates, give your kids something they actually want this Valentine’s Day: fun memories that will last forever! Start a new tradition, get a little messy, and shower your kids in love (or color powder).

We have five colorful activities that are going to make your kids feel loved and special; Cupid’s got nothing on you. Plus, if you’re a last-minute kind of person, you can buy all of the products mentioned on Amazon Prime too! 

Battle of the Cherubs

Are you throwing a Valentine’s Party just for kids? Battle of the Cherubs is the perfect outdoor activity for all the little Cupids in your life. All you’ll need is about 10 pounds of Chameleon Color’s Pink Color Powder for 10-15 guests. Divide into teams and have a memorable color powder war! Use Chameleon Colors C-Balls or use squeeze bottles for even more February festive fun! 

Family Valentine’s Day Card

Christmas cards are overrated. So, share something new with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Throw some love dust (Okay it’s just color powder, but your kids don’t need to know that!) into the air and have a festive and colorful photoshoot. For the best pictures, have everyone wear white, go outside, and have fun together throwing color powder. You could have each person say something they love about the other before they throw the “love dust!”

Heart Attack!

Here’s an activity that can’t be “beat” this Valentine’s: A Heart Attack! This is the perfect activity if you’re stuck in dreary winter and snowed-in this year. Think of someone in your life that needs a little love on Valentine’s Day. Have your kids cut out paper 5-10 paper hearts and write some kind or encouraging messages for the special someone on the hearts. Then, fill 3-4 Squeeze bottles halfway full with pink, red, or purple (or all three) color powder and you’re ready to go. Tape the paper hearts to the special someone’s front door. With the color powder, “paint” hearts and loving messages on the snow in their front yard. (Don’t worry, as the snow melts, the color powder will disappear!) Ring the doorbell and run! You’ll be their favorite secret admirer for a long time. 

Valentine’s Carnival With Cupid’s Darts

Dreaming of summer? Bring a little summer lovin’ to February this year with a Valentine’s Carnival. There are so many activities that kids can enjoy. Our favorite? Make your very own color powder dart board! Simply fill balloons of varying sizes with festive color powder, blow them up, and pin them to a board. For reference, one 70 gram packet of color powder can fill 2-3 small balloons. Let your kids throw Cupid’s darts to make colorful explosions. They’ll squeal in delight when they see the balloons pop.

Valentine’s Love Song Music Video

Make a special Valentine’s music video to your family’s favorite love song! Kids will have a blast dressing up, getting movie-star ready, and having “special-effects” with color powder while they sing. Either throw the color powder in the air, or if you’re feeling extra ambitions, tape a package to a fan! You could also use squeeze bottles for more direct impact, or sprinkle some color powder on a trampoline and watch the color explode (this idea is especially awesome in slow motion)! There are countless ways to use color powder in an awesome video. Have your kids brainstorm and see what creative ideas they come up with!