Oh Baby! 10 Ideas for the Best Gender Reveal Ever!

Congratulations on your little bun in the oven, pea in the pod, or your little bundle of joy! There are so many different ways to announce your pregnancy, but color powder in the only way to announce the gender of your little one! (At least that’s our opinion.) There’s a reason why gender reveals with color powder are so popular: you’ll have a lasting, colorful memory surrounded by loved ones. Color powder gender reveals are also exciting, unique, and creative. And they’re awesome, of course. 

Hosting a gender reveal party is a fun way to involve all your family and friends with your baby’s first party, and using Chameleon Colors color powder is a trusted, easy, and vibrant way to do just that! 

Some expecting parents want to be surprised with everyone else. Our Blackout Gender Reveal products, like this 1lb Blackout Gender Reveal Kit, allow you to keep your big reveal a secret, even from yourself. To keep these a secret, you’ll also probably need a little help from someone you trust.

Make sure you have your camera ready; you’ll want to capture every moment.

Here are 10 awesome color powder gender reveal ideas and themes to spark your creative imagination: 


1. Ready to pop! Blackout Balloon Gender Reveal

Once you have your gender check ultrasound, you’ll need to share your secret with your trusted confidant. Fill the balloon (use a funnel) with our signature Gender Reveal Powder, then inflate. At your party, on the count of three, take a needle or another sharp object and pop the balloon! You’ll be showered in the color of your baby’s gender. This is also a great reveal to use if you have other children and are looking for a gender reveal idea for siblings! Kids love to pop the color powder balloons! 

2. We Scored! Exploding Football Gender Reveal

You scored! Whether it’s a bouncing little he or a cheering little she, this gender reveal is sure to be a touchdown! Use our Gender Reveal Kit 1-pound Kit for this sports enthusiast-approved gender reveal. You can buy exploding footballs and fill them with our gender reveal color powder. You can also use paper mâché basketballs, soccer balls, etc.  Divide your guests into teams: team blue and team pink, tally your score, and get ready to kick an unforgettable punt.

3. Guns or Glitter? Squirt Guns and Color Powder Gender Reveal

Ready, aim, FIRE! This is such a fun gender reveal for any age. For this gender reveal, you’ll tell your guests to wear cheap, white t-shirts. If you know the gender beforehand and want to surprise your guests, this is what you will do: order Chameleon Color’s Liquid Color Concentrate in the color that corresponds with your baby (pink for girls, blue for boys). If you don’t know yet, no worries! Just buy one of each. If you have a lot of guests, you may want to buy two bottles of the correct color. These are great since they are pre-measured and you just fill them to the top with water. It couldn’t be more simple. Then, on the day (or a couple days) before the gender reveal, fill plastic squirt guns with the colored water. Give a squirt gun to each of your guests, and on the count of three, start a color fight! The color in the guns will reveal the baby’s gender. If you want it to be a surprise, you’ll need to find someone you trust to fill the squirt guns with the correct color, and make sure that the squirt guns aren’t transparent. If some of your guests don’t want to get wet, they could squirt you and your partner to see your baby’s gender! This is the perfect gender reveal for siblings to enjoy. 

4. Rifles or Ruffles? Exploding Target Gender Reveal

Think you have what it takes to hit the target? Take a deep breath, and make sure you have a steady shot for this one. If you love hunting or skeet shooting, this is the gender reveal idea for you. For this gender reveal, we recommend our 1-pound color powder bags, but you can certainly use a 5-pound bag for more targets or bigger impact. Like our previous ideas, you’ll want to use either a trusted friend or family member to keep the reveal a surprise from yourself. Make sure you keep a safe distance and follow shooting laws for your area. Make sure you have someone taking a video since you’ll want to watch the targets explode over and over again! 

5. Niña o Niño: It’s a Gender Reveal Fiesta! Piñata Gender Reveal

It’s time to celebrate your little muchacho or muchacha. You’ll love this festive gender reveal that anyone can do! All you’ll need is a piñata, our 1-pound Gender Reveal Blackout Kit, a blindfold, and a long stick or bat. You can actually make your own gender reveal piñata with just a paper lantern and some colored foil! Pour our color powder carefully from the blackout kit if you want to be surprised! Hang your piñata, sport the blindfold, and start swinging! You’ll be so excited to see the color of the baby’s gender when you break the piñata, so make sure someone is ready to capture the moment on camera. 

6. Revved Up Gender Reveal! Burnout Powder Gender Reveal

This is by far one of the most popular color powder gender reveals, and it’s because it’s simply awesome. Start your engines, and let the gender reveal party begin. There are two ways to use color powder with your car for a gender reveal, and the first way is perfect if you want to keep the gender reveal a surprise for yourself as well as everyone involved. The first option is the classic burnout. For this, you’ll need two to four 1-pound Gender Reveal Blackout bags. Make sure to keep the color powder in the bag. You’ll place one bag (or two if you want a bigger impact) in front of each back tire (about three or four inches in front of the tire). Then, have your driver rev the engine and proceed with the burnout. When they run over the bags, you’ll see a colorful explosion! The second option is to use a funnel to pour the color powder from one or two 1-pound bags into the car’s exhaust. When they start the engine and take off, you’ll see a burst of color in your baby’s gender! 



7. Time for the Real Heavy Lifting! Barbell Color Powder Gender Reveal 

Do you and your significant other love working out? Maybe you’re really into CrossFit® and want to introduce your little one to your tribe. This gym-approved gender reveal is for you. Our 1-pound Gender Reveal Blackout Kits are the perfect size for this gender reveal. Simply tape the color powder bags to the barbells (the heavier the better, but not too heavy since you don’t want to hurt your back right before your little one arrives), have two people lift and rotate the barbell so that the bags are facing the ground, and have the helpers place the barbell into your hands or the hands of your significant other. Once the area is clear, drop the barbell onto the ground and the color powder will explode! P.S. A fun gender reveal party idea for this particular gender reveal is to have your guests guess the weight of your baby. 

8. Blue or Pink, What do You Think? Fans and Color Powder Gender Reveal

If this is your first child, you might think that your adult life is “Gone with the Wind,” but maybe that’s not such a bad thing! You’re life is about to become so much fun, so make the gender reveal party a celebration! With this gender reveal, use the 5-pound Gender Reveal Blackout Kit to make sure it stays a surprise for everyone, including yourself. You’ll also want to make sure to do this outside!  What you’ll do is set up a fan, like this one from Amazon, outside. Then, when everyone is ready for the big reveal, step in front of the fan, and choose a friend or family member to turn on the fan and snip the corner of the color powder with scissors. Tell them to stand over the fan and gradually pour the color powder over the top of the fan. You’ll be enveloped in a gust of pink or blue color powder! Don’t worry, our color powders are perfectly safe for pregnant women (you can even eat them if you want, but we don’t recommend it)! 

9. It’s a Gender Reveal Knockout! Boxing Gender Reveal

Finding out your expecting can sometimes feel like a punch in the gut, but don’t let the gender reveal knock you out! This is a fun, playful gender reveal for you and your partner. Pick a color, pink or blue, and find out who the winning team is! You’ll need a fillable punching/boxing bag, boxing gloves, and our 1-pound Gender Reveal Kit. All you’ll need to do is fill the boxing bag with the color powder, and then you and your partner enter the ring! Start punching and see the color flying. This is the perfect gender reveal if your interested in boxing, kickboxing, or even MMA! 

10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Pillow Fight Gender Reveal

“Get your sleep while you can!” said every person to every expecting parent ever. Well, it’s time to invite everyone who’s said that to you to your slumber party gender reveal! Even though this is a slumber party theme, you’ll want to do this one outside too. You’ll need a 5-pound Gender Reveal Blackout Kit and a black pillowcase for every participant. If you want to be surprised, have a trusted friend or family member fill all the pillowcases evenly with the color powder. Invite your guests to wear old pajamas and white t-shirts since this will make for the best photos! On the count of three, let the battle begin! At the end of your pillow fight, you’ll all be covered with pink or blue color powder! 

Chameleon Colors Gender Reveal Color Blasters in blue.

BONUS: It’s a BLAST! Chameleon Colors’ Newest Gender Reveal
If you want a gender reveal that will make a big impact with practically zero set-up stress, then this is the option for you. Our newest gender reveal option is a blast (literally). The Chameleon Colors Gender Reveal Color Blaster is simple to use, but it makes a big impact! Simply pull the pin, hold the trigger, and watch the gender reveal powder burst into the air! The Blaster Extinguishers will shoot vibrant powder into the air for 5-6 seconds a time, so it’s perfect for pictures and videos. Plus, you get the explosive “wow factor” without the danger. The Color Blasters are a safe, fun, and colorful way to celebrate this exciting stage of your pregnancy!


We’re always looking for more color powder gender reveal ideas! If you have any awesome ideas let us know! Follow us @chameleoncolorsinc for other gender reveal and color powder inspiration. 


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