Gender Reveal - 70 Gram, 5 Pink, 5 Blue

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Do you have the perfect gender reveal in mind and just need a little color to go a long way? This is exactly what you need then! This 70-gram gender reveal color powder kit comes with 10 packs of color: five pink packages and five blue packages. The packets are easy-to-open and pour. This makes for a stress-free gender reveal that you can enjoy! 

These packets are the perfect size for gender reveal ideas like exploding golf balls. Or, for a more simple, but Pinterest-worthy reveal, just hand each of the guests a packet of the color powder. Then, on the count of three, have them toss it in the air above you! Wear white for an amazing picture surrounded by the people who love you and your little bundle of joy. 

 Looking for gender reveal ideas for yourself? Or looking for gender reveal ideas for siblings or friends? You’re in the right place! As the leading experts in color powder gender reveal parties, we have your back. If you want different ideas than the ones listed above, try using these gender reveal kits with exploding targets, car tires, baseballs, and yes, even helicopters. The possibilities are endless, and we have tons of great ideas. Just check out our Instagram @chameleoncolorsinc for fun ways that our color enthusiasts have used the Gender Reveal Kits. 

Don’t let a big mess ruin your big day. Our color powder is easy to clean! We recommend getting as much of the powders off before adding water. So shake, bounce, dance, wiggle, and blow off loose color from hair, skin, and clothes while it’s dry. Then, for the straggling color powder on your skin and hair, use a little shampoo and soap and you’re good to go. Or, if you need to freshen up your clothes, just toss them in a load of wash after you’ve done the color-chalk-powder-removal boogie, of course. When used on grass it will practically disappear, especially after one sprinkler cycle or a good rainstorm.

Chameleon Color’s authentic color powder products have been enjoyed by millions all around the world. People love our color, and we’re confident that you will too. We take pride in our product using only the best and safest ingredients. We want to offer you the highest quality product possible. All of our ingredients are FD&C and D&C approved.

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