How to Plan a Gender Reveal Party

The second trimester of your pregnancy is full of significant milestones, and finding out the gender of your little one may be one of the most exciting! If you want to throw a gender reveal party, you might not know where to start–especially if this is your first baby. We have an easy and simple guide to help you plan a gender reveal party in just seven steps!  

  1. Schedule Your Gender Check Ultrasound

Most healthcare providers recommend waiting until 20 weeks gestation to schedule your anatomy ultrasound to give the baby time to develop. However, there are many third-party ultrasound technicians that will schedule your ultrasound at 14 weeks gestation. Decide which is best for you! If you want the reveal to be a surprise for the parents, make sure to bring a paper and an envelope for the ultrasound technician so they can write down the sex of the baby and keep it a secret! If you want to surprise your gender reveal party guests but don’t want to be surprised yourself, then enjoy your appointment and make sure to keep it a secret for your party! 

  1. Choose a Gender Reveal Party Theme

There are countless gender reveal party themes to pick from, so it can be hard to nail down just one! If you’d like to have something simple and convenient, there are pink and blue gender reveal party packs available on Amazon that include decorations, plates, and utensils. Or if you’re looking for a more unique theme, try “Gender Reveal Party Themes” on Pinterest or Google! 

  1. Set the Date and Send Out Invitations

Now that you’ve scheduled your ultrasound and picked out a theme, it’s important to set the date. If you’re planning on using color powder (which is what we definitely suggest), then you’ll want to pick out a day that has good weather. Make sure to talk to close friends and family members about which days and times they’re available if you’re wanting them to be at your reveal. (However, if you have family and friends that aren’t able to come, having the option to join virtually is a great idea! Check out this blog post: How to Plan the Perfect Virtual Gender Reveal.) 

Choosing an invitation that coordinates with your theme is fun, but not required. We know you’re busy, so we’ve created a free downloadable invitation here! This invitation doubles as a voting card for your guests to bring to the party.

  1. Choose How You’ll Reveal the Gender

Now it’s time for the fun part! Revealing the gender of your little one is the main event, so finding a reveal that reflects that–and highlights your personality– is important. Do you and your partner have a fun hobby that you like to do together that you could make into a reveal? Do you want to plan a showy reveal? Or a more simple reveal? If you need a few ideas, here’s a blog of 10 of our favorite gender reveal ideas.

  1. Plan How the Guests Will Guess the Gender

Help build the anticipation with your guests by coming up with a fun way for them to guess the gender of the baby before the big reveal. You can use a chalkboard to mark the tallys, have “team pink” or “team blue” stickers for people to choose from (like our Gender Reveal Burnout Kit with Team Girl and Team Boy Stickers), or hold signs that signify if they’re voting for a boy or a girl. There are plenty of ways that your guests can show their support and be involved in the reveal. 

  1. Decide on Refreshments

If you plan on hosting a luncheon or dinner before the reveal, then it may be fun to incorporate some pink and blue festive foods and treats to enjoy, too! Some of the most popular items to turn pink and blue are drinks and punch, frosted baked goods (like cupcakes, cookies, and brownies), candies, and even colored white chocolate-dipped strawberries. While your guests are eating, you could play games, write on advice cards, or start taking guesses for the reveal! 

  1. Don’t Forget to Take Pictures and Videos

Reveal time! You’ve spent so much time planning a beautiful gender reveal, and now it’s time for the big moment. Before you begin the reveal, it’s important to set up any photography or videography beforehand. If you’re wanting a professional photographer, you may need to reserve them 2-3 weeks in advance. If you’re planning on family or friends taking pictures, make sure to communicate who will be taking videos and who will be taking pictures. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that someone in your group will most likely be taking pictures and videos! Have the assignments planned out ahead of time so you can capture the special moment feeling stress-free. 

We know your gender reveal party is going to be an amazing success! Whether it’s pink, blue (or both!) we are excited to be a part of every moment. To browse our gender reveal color powder products, click here

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